How to Store Green Onions

Green onions, or scallions, boast a mild onion flavor that's critical to many cuisines. Char them to serve with fajitas, thinly slice them into stir fries or add them to a classic American potato salad. You'll ruin any of these dishes, though, if you add slimy, spoiled scallions to the recipe. If you store scallions properly, you won't have to fear this culinary disaster.

Wrap Them Up

Immediately after getting your green onions home from the store, market or garden, wrap them in a damp paper towel and then loosely cover them with plastic wrap. Your onions will stay fresh for at least three days and perhaps as long as a week. Make sure the towel is just barely damp and not soaked, which will encourage mold.

Plant Them in a Refrigerator Jar

Most green onions you purchase at the store still have the roots attached. Nourish the plant by filling a jar with a couple of inches of water and plunging the roots right in. Cover the green tops that stick out from the top with a loose-fitting zip top bag and place them in the fridge. They'll keep in their pool of water for about a week.

Freeze 'Em

Green onions may be frozen if you intend on using them for cooking and not as a cold garnish. Wash the onions, peel them and chop into small pieces, separating the white and green sections. Dry them off on a paper towel and place into a zip-top freezer bag. You can freeze them for about one month and when you do add them to dishes, do so at the very end of the cooking process, as they can turn mushy and unpleasant if overcooked.