How to Saute Leeks

Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, leeks are an excellent addition to many dishes. They taste a bit like onions but are not as strong. Perfect for omelets, soups, stews, casseroles and vegetarian dishes, leeks add just enough flavor to keep dishes from being bland. Unless you are using leeks in a cold salad, you will want to saute the leeks before incorporating them into your recipe. Sauteing leeks requires only a few simple and quick steps.

Instructions for Sauteing Leeks

Turn your burner to medium high heat. Place the skillet on the burner to preheat it.

Test to see if your skillet is hot enough to saute your leeks. Toss a few drops of water into the hot pan to see if they dance or evaporate. If not, continue heating the pan before testing it again.

Add a couple of tablespoons of cooking oil to the hot pan. Use just enough cooking oil to lightly cover the bottom of the skillet.

Place chopped leeks into the hot oil. Toss them with your tongs until they are golden brown. Remove from heat and add the leeks to your recipe dish.