How to Rent a Big Screen for the Super Bowl

How to Rent a Big Screen for the Super Bowl. People love to get together for Super Bowl parties and watch the game with friends. Big screen televisions are very popular for making a Super Bowl party one to remember. If you don't own a big screen, however, you don't shell out big bucks for a television that otherwise might take up too much space or not get enough use to be worth the price tag. Instead, rent a big screen for the big game.

Measure the area in which the big screen will be located at the party to assure you rent one the appropriate size. Also, be sure it's going to fit through all doorways into the room where the party will be held. You don't want to watch the game on the front porch, because the television is too big to fit inside the house.

Estimate the number of visitors that will be watching the Super Bowl on the big screen to be sure it will be large enough for everyone to see. The larger the television, the more people can easily see the game, but keep in mind, the bigger you go, the higher the price goes as well. Thus, you not only want to pick that will fit and easy to see, but also fits in your budget.

Contact a television or electronics rental store near the location where you will hold the Super Bowl party. Ask the store representative which models are available in your price, and size range, and how long the rental is available for, so you can return it on time. You might find a good size big screen for as little as a few hundred dollars, but they can go up to over $1,000. Popular sizes include 42, 50 and 61 inch models.

Find out if the price includes delivery and setup. Many rental companies take this chore out of your hands, especially with a high ticket item that can be easily damaged during transport. Some may offer it either way with a reduced price if you pick it up yourself, however, not lugging around a heavy television and the added stress of worrying about breaking it, might make the extra money you spend to have it delivered and picked up well worth it.

Book your television rental early. You're probably not the only one who wants to through a big bash for the Super Bowl complete with monster television. A good rule of thumb is to reserve the television a minimum of two weeks prior to the event and before you start inviting people over.

Read the rental contract thoroughly. Be sure you understand your liability if something should happen to the big screen while it's in your possession. Also, find out what you should do if for some reason the television stops working and if there's a repair person who'll be available if this should happen.

Be available to receive the big screen when delivered to the party location, and have the area cleared and ready for set up. Inspect the big screen immediately and note any damage already on the television. If there's even minor scratches or dings, put it in writing that you received it in this condition, so they don't try to charge you when you return it.

Keep all rental paperwork in a safe place and ready to return with the big screen when the rental time period ends. Again, if you're repsonsible for taking it back to the store, bring it back on time to avoid getting a late fee, but it's even better if pickup was included in the rental price, so you can concentrate on cleaning up after all your messy friends.