How to Remove Body Hair for Men

by Kevin Rail

For men who don't like body hair, there are a lot of ways to remove it. Some of them take a lot of work, and some of them can be rather painful. But that doesn't mean they are all painful or ineffective. The process can be done professionally or at home with a few tools.

Items you will need

  • Sharp razors
  • Shaving cream
  • Newspaper
  • Hair sheers or beard trimmer
  • Depilatories
Step 1

Shave it off. This process is best performed in the bathroom in front of the sink. Lay out the newspaper and stand on it. This is used to catch hair. Take out your shears and trim off all of your body hair as close to the skin as you can get. Now wet your hairy areas with warm water, lather up and shave.

Step 2

Get waxed. Waxing is a process where hot wax is applied to the body with a tool that looks like a tongue depressor. It is then spread out over an area of hair and ripped off. This is usually done at specialty spas and salons.

Step 3

Get laser treatment. Laser hair removal is a procedure in which beams of light are sent down on the skin's surface. This then kills the hair-producing follicles while not damaging the skin.

Step 4

Get zapped. Electrolysis is a process in which tiny needles send a shock of electricity to individual hair shafts, causing the cells to die. The hair then falls out.

Step 5

Slather on some cream. There are various hair removal creams or depilatories. Spread these across the skin, let them set for a while and then wipe them off with a towel. They dissolve proteins that are found in the hair--which, in turn, causes the hair to become weak and fall out.


  • When shaving body hair, shave against the direction that your hair is growing. For example, on the arm, run the razor blade up toward your shoulder.

    Make sure to use new, clean blades when shaving. This will reduce razor burn and breakouts.

    You can also get home waxing kits at pharmacies.


  • Make sure to keep the skin conditioned well after any hair removal. It can also become irritated, causing breakouts and rashes.

    Some of these professional processes can take many visits and can be quite expensive.

    Electrolysis can have some side effects such as redness, pain and scabbing.

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