How to Stop Facial Hair Growth for Men

Stopping facial hair is a concern for many men. Too much increase in facial hair can hamper getting certain jobs and can become a maintenance issue when getting dressed each day. There are many different ways to hindering the growth of facial hair in men.

Purchase an inhibitor. There are many forms of facial hair inhibitors on the market today. You can choose from various epilating lotions and creams to hinder the growth of hair. Inhibitors act as a retardant. These do not remove the hair but help prevent a small percentage of the growth of new hair.

Try a depilatory cream. Depilatory creams do remove all of the hair growth, and there are now products made especially for men. However, depilatories are not a permanent option since they only remove the hair temporarily. They do work longer than shaving and provide a smoother feeling skin when used.

Consider permanent laser removal. Laser removal can be done at a clinic or in your home with the right equipment. Laser removal works to destroy the hair follicle, creating a system where the hair can no longer grow. The system must be used more than once to get a more satisfactory result since not all hair follicles are destroyed the first time.

Find out about waxing procedures. Waxing is a commonly used system for women but men can benefit by having their face waxed as well. This can be somewhat painful but it's safe as long as sensitive areas such as ear hair are not part of the treatment. The benefits are less shaving and fewer shadows, smooth skin and a clean look. This can be done at home but is preferred in an office, clinic or spa setting to get the most professional result.