How to Remove Adhesive From Skin


0:01 Does that adhesive from your band aids seem to be lingering a bit too long? My name is

0:05 Keeley Selvage with "Keeley's Skin Solutions" and I'm going to show you how to get rid of

0:10 that itchiness. We have a band aid here and we are going to go ahead and take it off,

0:15 faster is only better. We have a little bit of adhesive left on the skin and what we're

0:22 going to do first is apply a little bit of oil, baby oil is good, vegetable oil. I always

0:30 use almond oil for everything because it is good for the skin too. You can rub it on there

0:36 and you want to take a wash cloth and just chi, chi, chi, chi, until it is gone. One

0:43 thing you can also use is if you have it handy Vodka. The alcohol will actually dissolve

0:51 the adhesive. You can put Vodka on your wash rag, apply it to the adhesive, and it's gone.

0:56 That is how you remove adhesive from the skin. My name is Keeley Selvage with "Keeley's Skin

1:03 Solutions", your go to girl for skin.