How to Thicken Lotion


0:04 hi I'm Sharon your do-it-yourself beauty

0:07 expert coming to you from posh Hair

0:09 Studio in Kew Gardens Queens New York

0:11 now I want to talk to you a little bit

0:14 about thickening your lotions I don't

0:16 care what anyone tells you unfortunately

0:19 if it's a commercial product you're

0:21 really not going to have too much luck

0:23 thickening it at home your best bet

0:25 would either be to refrigerate it

0:27 overnight or leave a jar of your

0:30 commercial product open overnight to

0:33 absorb some of that moisture it'll just

0:35 kind of come out and get a little

0:36 thicker now we you can use you can

0:39 actually see the ingredients in the back

0:41 of your commercial product and an

0:43 emulsifier will probably be lanolin or

0:45 beeswax but the problem is you're not

0:49 going to know the proportions that were

0:50 used to create that commercial product

0:52 product so once you start adding things

0:55 yourself

0:56 now that product is no longer stable

0:59 some girls they'd like to mess with it

1:01 and they want to make their own

1:02 thickening lotion I highly highly highly

1:04 recommend that you don't unfortunately

1:07 you're just going to ruin the product so

1:10 if it's a little too runny use it as is

1:12 or as I said just put in the

1:13 refrigerator sometimes that helps to

1:15 thicken but now what if it's a lotion

1:17 that you made yourself well if you made

1:20 the lotion yourself

1:21 you absolutely already know the

1:22 ingredients that are in it and nine

1:24 times out of ten you probably used

1:26 lanolin lanolin is a great emulsifier it

1:30 helps to really thicken up your lotion

1:33 because this is the oil that's derived

1:35 from a sheep's wool

1:36 so what you can do is basically use a

1:39 double boiler and what you want to do is

1:42 very very gently heat up your lotion you

1:46 want to keep it on low heat for a long

1:49 time so we're not talking about 5 to 10

1:51 minutes sometimes it's going to take you

1:53 a good 20 to 25 minutes on low heat to

1:56 get the right consistency in a double

1:58 boiler and what you want to do is just

2:00 add half of a tablespoon or even half of

2:04 a teaspoon depending on how much lotion

2:06 you have left anymore and you can really

2:09 actually risk making that

2:11 loschen too thick so what you're going

2:13 to want to do is gently reheat your

2:15 lotion and once it gets to the desired

2:18 consistency add a little bit of the

2:20 liquid lanolin and let it cool you'll

2:22 see that once it cools down it's

2:24 probably going to be considerably

2:26 thicker another thing that you can use

2:28 to thicken your own homemade lotion is

2:31 beeswax now you can get beeswax solid in

2:35 this form or they also come in little

2:37 pellets I like to use the little pellets

2:39 and you would also basically take that

2:41 lotion that you have heated and your

2:43 double boiler and just add a few pellets

2:45 out of time and let them slowly melt

2:47 together what's what's going to happen

2:50 once it's cooled down is it should

2:52 thicken again this is only if you're

2:55 making your own motion unfortunately if

2:57 it's a store-bought product and it thins

2:59 out you're stuck with it sorry this is

3:02 Sharon coming to you from posh Hair

3:04 Studio in Kew Gardens Queens New York

3:06 thank you