What Is the Best Moisturizer for Your Face?


0:00 there are so many skincare products out

0:02 there that it's really hard to find

0:04 which one is right my name is Keeley

0:06 selvage with Keeley's Skin Solutions and

0:08 I'm going to talk to you about what is

0:10 the best moisturizer now the first thing

0:13 you want to do is look at the

0:15 ingredients on the package they should

0:17 disclose the formula if they don't well

0:20 it's probably not a good idea because

0:22 there might be something that you're

0:23 allergic to here's some of the

0:25 ingredients that you want to look for

0:27 hyaluronic acid that is a beautiful

0:30 beautiful hydrating ingredient

0:33 hyaluronic acid actually carries a

0:35 thousand times its weight and moisture

0:38 so it's a beautiful thing and our skin

0:41 already makes it so it's a familiar

0:43 environment and a gentle delivery it's

0:45 more apt to to really take in that

0:48 hyaluronic acid something also is

0:51 collagen or elastin of course we really

0:53 need these things to help fight wrinkles

0:55 and really fill out our wrinkles really

0:58 plump them one thing that you'll also

1:00 see on some moisturizers that's an

1:03 excellent ingredient is panthenol that's

1:05 a very hydrating moisture rich

1:08 ingredient so those are some things to

1:10 look for one of my favorites actually my

1:14 utmost favorites is this bio pill

1:16 product it has a certified amino acids

1:19 in it which are exfoliating and

1:21 regenerating to the skin but it's also

1:23 very rich and very hydrating my name is

1:27 Keeley selvage with Keeley Skin

1:28 Solutions and that is the best

1:30 moisturizer for your skin