How to Remove a Stain Left by Stain Remover

There are numerous products on the market today to remove stains from clothing, but sometimes they don't work as planned. The removers themselves may leave rings or stains on the very clothing you were trying to clean, resulting in a new problem that you did not anticipate. Not only may the original stain be there still, but you must also determine the best way to lift the stain left by the remover.

Read the directions for that particular stain remover carefully. Sometimes the manufacturer has specific instructions for what to do when a stain is left by the remover.

Wash the garment if you have not already. If you washed it once and the remover stain remains, wash it again. Use a gentle cycle and cold water only. Air dry, or dry on a "no heat" or "fluff" cycle.

If the stain still does not lift after being washed twice, fill a large bowl or tub with cold water and place the garment in it. Allow the garment to soak in the bowl for two hours. If stain is still there, change the water (using only cold water again) and allow it to soak for an additional two hours. Repeat until the stain is lifted.

Put a different type of stain remover (other than the one that caused the stain) onto the fabric and wash in cold water. Ordinary laundry detergent can be used as a stain remover in this case. Pour enough detergent onto the garment to cover the stain and wash the item immediately. Do not allow the detergent to dry on the fabric before washing.

If repeated attempts to remove the stain are unsuccessful, consider taking the garment to a dry cleaner and asking them for advice.