How to Reheat Cooked Lobster Tails


0:07 hi my name is Marc Bouwer

0:11 I'm the master chef at the International

0:14 Culinary Center here at the events

0:17 kitchen today I would like to show you

0:20 how to reheat a lobster tail to reheat

0:24 the lobster tail

0:25 you will need salt pepper some thyme

0:29 tarragon if you have a container to put

0:32 a lobster tail on of course the tail

0:34 some melted butter and a pastry brush so

0:38 to properly store it first we go and put

0:41 better everywhere so we put butter on

0:44 the bottom the lobster tail will be the

0:48 butter on top and coat it with herbs if

0:51 you have time that goes very well with

0:53 it a tarragon goes well as well just a

0:57 horse a horse brake is fine and I have a

1:01 piece of clove that works and you're the

1:06 tail I want to make sure that it's not

1:09 too high so that it can heat up properly

1:12 so I will coat it with butter it's very

1:18 important that the lobster is cold so

1:20 that the butter seals congeals on the

1:23 lobster

1:25 now that the lobster is coated with

1:27 butter you can wrap it up with plastic

1:30 store it in the refrigerator until

1:33 reheating so it's the next day and we're

1:36 ready to reheat the lobster so preheat

1:39 the oven at 350 of course if you don't

1:42 have a huge oven like this to to heat up

1:44 you can always use a toaster oven for a

1:46 small portion like that preheat the

1:49 toaster oven though probably at least 10

1:51 minutes up to 350 370 and remove the

1:58 plastic wrap put it in the oven in these

2:01 seven five minutes in toaster oven

2:03 probably like seven minutes will work

2:10 five minutes have gone by if you use a

2:14 toaster oven will take about seven

2:16 minutes now you're ready to eat your

2:18 lobster maybe a little lemon juice or

2:21 little tomato sauce to which you add

2:23 brown butter to it and enjoy this has

2:28 been masked power that's how you reheat

2:31 lobster tail

2:39 you