How to Put Round Hoop Earrings in Ears


0:05 hello my name is Polina Reutemann I'm a

0:07 costume designer and fashion stylist and

0:09 today we are at Mary Meyer clothing

0:12 boutique in Brooklyn New York and the

0:14 question I'm going to answer is how do

0:15 you put on a hoop earring there's

0:17 different kinds of hoop earrings the

0:18 simplest ones just kind of have like a

0:20 long metal part with a separate closure

0:22 in the back which is how you would put

0:23 on studs and most earrings but then the

0:26 trickier ones tend to kind of be on

0:29 their own where they close on their own

0:30 so these particular ones that I'm

0:32 wearing have a little Ridge to them and

0:34 so what you would do is you would take

0:36 the pointy part where it kind of is

0:38 almost makes like a 90-degree angle and

0:40 you would put that in the ear and slide

0:42 that through the hole and then in the

0:44 back it has like a little loop that you

0:46 would just place over that little square

0:49 part and usually when you do that you're

0:51 holding it and you're kind of just

0:53 putting it like closing it back here but

0:56 you don't want that closure to show so

0:58 then after you have it locked in you

1:00 would push the earring so that the

1:02 closure sits to the back of your ear so

1:04 it's harder to see my name is Polina

1:06 Reutemann and I just answered how do you

1:08 put on a hoop earring thank you for

1:10 watching

1:15 you