How to Plan the Number of Portable Toilets For a Wedding

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An outdoor wedding can be a chance to provide your guests with a memorable experience. It takes a bit more planning, though, so that it is memorable for all the right reasons. Equal to food and shelter in your plans is the subject of portable restrooms -- how many, what type and at what cost.

A Variety of Considerations

Before you calculate the number of toilets, consider not just how many guests but how long will the entire ceremony be, from the first to arrive through the last to leave. The other primary considerations are whether alcohol will be served and if there will be considerably more women than men. Also consider the appropriateness and cost for the nicer kinds of toilets versus your basic porta-potty. According to Costhelper, the low end can cost as little as $100 per weekend per toilet, at the time of publication, with handicapped-accessible models costing a little more. Hand-washing stations with two sinks are another $200, at the time of publication. Fancier portable toilets can cost as much as $4,500, and are perhaps nicer than most homes’ bathrooms. They include sinks and a variety of amenities, and even an attendant.

Toilet Calculator

According to a calculator provided by United Site Services, a four-hour event with 100 guests, with an equal number of women and men and where alcohol will be served, should have two toilets and one sink, with one restroom that is handicapped-accessible. The same event with 500 guests will require five toilets and two sinks. Take away the alcohol and you reduce the number of toilets and sinks by one each.