How to Plan a Graduation Dinner

How to Plan a Graduation Dinner. Graduation is a special time in the life of a student and should be relished and celebrated with friends and family. Planning a graduation dinner is an opportunity to come up with all sorts of ideas to honor graduate.

Create a guest list. It's critical to know how many people you'll be feeding to determine not only a menu that suits the majority of your guests, but also one that's within your budget and cooking abilities.

Talk to the graduate to find out what they'd like to see at the dinner table. Remember that it's their special day and you should plan on meeting as many of their wishes as possible.

Create your menu, focusing on easy-to-fix meals or slow cooker meals, minimizing your mess and cooking time so you can spend time with family and friends rather than working in the kitchen.

Consider having the graduation dinner catered. Many discount stores and large grocery stores offer flexible options, from fully catered meals to individual dishes to help supplement your cooking. The beauty of catering is that they do all the work for you, including set up and clean up.

Explore local restaurants in your area. Talk to management about reserving a private room and what you can expect as well as costs. Often, buffet style restaurants will be the least expensive and offer the widest variety of choices to your guests.