How to Make Taco Salad Dip


0:05 hi my name is Chris antes personal chef

0:07 with the chef for you to have and i'm

0:09 here at the conscious cook kitchen to

0:11 show you a great recipe on how to make a

0:13 taco salad dip so I like to make

0:16 everything edible and even when it's a

0:19 dip instead of putting it in a bowl I

0:21 get a little tortilla that's fried and I

0:24 put that in the bottom there then I've

0:26 got a little bit of romaine lettuce on

0:28 top we'll start our layering I've got

0:35 some beans here all right we'll add just

0:44 a little bit of some cheese we're going

0:52 to add some tomato diced tomato alright

0:59 a little bit of cilantro and actually

1:02 I'm going to sprinkle that all around so

1:04 it gets on some of the dipping chips as

1:07 well I've got some salsa here the salsa

1:13 on top give it a little sour cream and

1:26 then some green onions just to finish it

1:31 off so there you go a taco salad dip

1:41 you