Stir-Fry Chicken With Sesame Seeds


0:05 hi I'm Amy hoagie and I'm here to teach

0:07 you how to play with food or I take a

0:09 basic recipe add a couple twists to it

0:11 to create a whole new dish so today

0:13 we're playing with stir fry actually

0:16 chicken stir-fry with sesame seeds where

0:18 I'm gonna add a few other ingredients in

0:19 there to make a really nice colorful

0:21 stir fry I've got my assistant here

0:23 Justine the fit cook who loves to cook

0:25 and cook healthy and so that's what

0:28 we're doing it with stir fry let's do it

0:29 we're gonna add a little bit of olive

0:30 oil about a tablespoon of olive oil then

0:34 we're going a little bit of garlic well

0:36 you can as much as you want i love

0:37 garlic that's one of my favorites so

0:39 aromatic do a little stir i'm using a

0:41 stir fry pan mmm then we're gonna add

0:45 some chicken again we're going to be

0:49 making like up about a 1 a 1 person

0:51 serving okay add as much as you want but

0:53 i want to show you how to create such a

0:55 simple oh good are my gosh cleaning my

1:00 sinuses and i'm gonna add a little bit

1:03 of green onion ok I love that color that

1:07 brings care it I chopped my carrot up

1:09 really nice and fine it just cooked a

1:11 whole lot faster ok my fam oh yeah oh

1:17 yeah that's all right it's gonna be you

1:19 up got a little bit of ginger all right

1:24 now we've got and then I read our red

1:26 cabbage replica I love the color of this

1:28 a little salt I think being a llamar

1:33 olive oil you wanted poor little bit

1:34 more olive oil on here for me nice an

1:37 extra virgin olive oil is like a body

1:40 cleanser it's so good for you you have

1:43 to work yep you don't have to worry

1:44 about the oil in the fat content so much

1:46 because it's just so good for you so you

1:48 can use a different kind of oil if you

1:49 want I like this one and I got it unlike

1:53 medium-high heat you can always turn it

1:54 up don't turn it on too high to start

1:56 and burn your food because that's I've

1:58 done that before we done this before yes

2:00 and especially I love garlic and I'm so

2:02 mad when I burn it about the

2:04 people forget that you need fat in your

2:07 body so if you just kind of fat it's

2:09 good you got for long term anything

2:10 that's for long energy store yep you're

2:13 right fit chef I added a little sesame

2:15 oil just a little bit maybe a half a

2:17 teaspoon all that's really gonna do is

2:18 add flavor and I've got some sesame

2:21 seeds you can never have too many I

2:25 don't say no you're nice honey toast up

2:27 yeah let's get our plates now we use

2:29 some nice rice noodles can you wanna

2:32 grab a fork mmm here we go scoots me on

2:37 over you did a great job of cutting up

2:39 that chicken thank you mm-hmm there we

2:43 go nice all right so we grab this work

2:49 here there you got it whoo beautiful

2:51 there you have it this is stir-fried

2:54 chicken with sesame season a few more

2:56 vegetables I'm chef Amy hoagie you can

2:59 find me on the web site at chef Amy calm