How to Make Homemade Chicken Soup


0:06 you know I'm here in my kitchen in Los

0:09 Angeles California might know me from a

0:12 couple of the books I've written one is

0:14 a culinary memoir called sirens feast so

0:18 today we're going to do some cooking it

0:21 should be fun and I hope you enjoy it

0:24 today I'm making an armenian chicken

0:26 soup and i started with homemade chicken

0:29 broth which is really easy to do you buy

0:33 a whole chicken you put it in the pot

0:35 with eight cups of water a little salt

0:38 and a little garlic powder and it takes

0:41 about 45 minutes to boil and that leaves

0:45 you with a homemade chicken stock now if

0:49 you don't want to start with a whole

0:51 chicken you can always get chicken broth

0:55 make sure you get a natural one that

0:58 doesn't have a lot of sodium in it so

1:02 the way we begin is six cups of chicken

1:04 broth you bring to a boil after that you

1:08 add one whole chopped onion get one of

1:14 my spoons here and next we add three

1:19 stalks of celery that have been diced

1:21 and next this is two carats also diced

1:26 in little small pieces and this cooks

1:31 for about 10 minutes until all the

1:36 vegetables are more tender I'm going to

1:39 turn the heat up here we add a half a

1:45 cup of long grain white rice and for

1:50 that to cook once it comes to a boil I

1:53 lower the heat I put the lid on and in

1:56 20 minutes that rice is cooked and then

2:00 we add the other ingredients which will

2:03 be 1 cup of chicken breast that's

2:09 without the skin when I cook a whole

2:12 chicken I most

2:14 to use the breast for my soup and then I

2:18 give the rest of the chicken to my dogs

2:20 so the rice is now cooked and I'm going

2:27 to add this one cup of chopped chicken

2:30 breast and the next ingredient that

2:33 makes this soup really delicious is egg

2:36 and lemon so we take two eggs and those

2:39 eggs get beaten we add the juice of two

2:43 lemons now to finish off the soup we're

2:50 going to add about a teaspoon of salt

2:52 and remember if you did use a commercial

2:55 chicken broth you've got to taste it for

2:59 the salt because you don't really know

3:02 how much salt there is once I add the

3:05 final ingredient which is egg and lemon

3:08 it turns the soup this beautiful creamy

3:12 color of white so i'm not using black

3:15 pepper i'm going to use a little white

3:18 pepper and just a small amount about a

3:23 quarter teaspoon this is when the magic

3:27 happens we're going to take a little bit

3:30 of the hot soup and mix it in with my

3:36 egg and lemon here and that way when you

3:40 add this to the chicken soup it won't

3:44 turn into egg drop soup okay that was

3:52 juice of two lemons and two beaten eggs

3:55 and now the soup is done that was easy

4:00 wasn't it and this is the finished

4:02 product and this is how you make

4:04 homemade chicken soup with a little

4:07 twist of lemon

4:09 you

4:15 you