How to Make Homemade, Fat-Free Peanut Butter Cookies


0:06 hello there and welcome to sugar and

0:09 spice my name is Melissa Randall from

0:12 baking with Melissa and today we are

0:14 making reduced fat peanut butter cookies

0:17 we made go ahead and put half a cup of

0:20 reduced fat peanut butter into our Bowl

0:23 and a half a stick of reduced fat

0:26 margarine or butter into the bowl as

0:28 well and we're gonna cream those

0:30 together once you have your peanut

0:34 butter and your butter mixed together

0:36 you're going to add in a half a cup of

0:38 brown sugar and a fourth of a cup of

0:41 white granulated sugar place that into

0:45 the bowl and let it stir for about two

0:48 minutes okay I have the peanut butter

0:51 and butter all mixed in with the sugars

0:54 now we're going to place three

0:56 tablespoons of reduced fat or fat free

0:58 milk into your bowl a teaspoon of

1:02 vanilla and one egg and go ahead and get

1:10 that all mixed together now you're going

1:14 to add in one in three fourths of a cup

1:16 of flour a half a teaspoon of salt and

1:21 one teaspoon of baking soda you'll just

1:27 go ahead and give that a little mix

1:29 there and you'll gradually add the flour

1:33 into your bowl

1:44 okay I have all of the ingredients mixed

1:48 together now it's time to put our

1:53 cookies onto our cookie sheet I've

1:56 preheated the oven to 350 degrees and

1:59 I've lined my baking sheet with

2:01 parchment paper you don't have to line

2:04 it with parchment paper however when you

2:06 bake cookies with parchment paper and

2:08 makes the release of the cookie so much

2:10 easier I'm taking a small little scoop

2:13 here and putting my cookie dough onto

2:16 the cookie sheet and then once you get

2:21 them all onto your pan you're going to

2:22 take a fork and you're going to press

2:25 down that in the center of the cookie in

2:28 both directions like so now if you want

2:33 to make bigger cookie sizes you can do

2:35 that as well just depends but since

2:38 these are reduced fat you might want to

2:41 make them smaller now I have the cookies

2:44 ready to go in the oven as I said

2:46 earlier i preheated the oven to 350

2:48 degrees and i'm going to let them bake

2:50 for approximately 12 to 14 minutes just

2:53 start checking them after about 12

2:55 minutes and there you have it amazing

2:57 reduced fat peanut butter cookies so you

3:00 can still enjoys some sweet treats even

3:03 when you're watching your calorie intake

3:05 thank you for watching me here today on

3:08 sugar and spice my name is melissa

3:10 Randall from baking with Melissa and I

3:12 hope you have a wonderful baking day

3:21 you