How to Use the Eyebrow Trimmer


0:03 hi this is Jackie Phillips and this is

0:06 how to use an eyebrow trimmer the best

0:09 way to trim your eyebrows is to brush

0:13 them in place first and then you're

0:18 gonna brush them up a little bit and

0:21 then you're going to just trim like so

0:26 just a tiny tiny tiny bit just to give

0:29 yourself that straight edge and then you

0:32 can brush down and just trim a little

0:36 tiny bit of what you need and the trick

0:39 is is to trim a little at a time don't

0:43 go crazy because once you cut it you're

0:45 done and then you're gonna have to

0:47 constantly fill it in to fix a big bad

0:50 mistake that's gonna take a while to

0:51 grow in so make sure do everything

0:55 slowly baby steps brush it back and then

0:59 you could say hey this looks a little

1:01 too bushy still maybe I should trim a

1:03 little more or you know that you're good

1:05 to go and stop with the eyebrows you

1:08 never want to go too much do a little at

1:10 a time so make sure to also have a

1:15 really great light where you're doing

1:18 your eyebrows and doing your trimming

1:20 because that's gonna make all the

1:22 difference in the world another trick I

1:24 like to do when I'm doing my eyebrows is

1:26 I like to fill them in first and then I

1:30 do whatever I need to do with the

1:32 trimming and then the tweezing or

1:34 whatever because then you already have

1:35 this shape that you like and then you

1:37 can go around go around that shape so

1:40 that's basically it so my biggest advice

1:43 when trimming eyebrows is to be very

1:45 careful and this is Jacqui Phillips if

1:49 you have won some more tips please visit

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