How to make healthy fruit smoothies at home using the Magic Bullet

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Smoothies are an excellent way to get one of your daily servings of fruits while still feeling like you are indulging. However, purchasing a smoothie from a chain store can be expensive and often times unhealthy. By making your own fruit smoothies at home, you are able to save money and know exactly the kind of quality you are consuming. If you have a Magic Bullet blender, one of these homemade, healthy smoothies can be made with the simple push of a button.

Toss the fruit and ice into the tall cup or party mug that came with your Magic Bullet system.

Add a splash or a few tablespoons of either your favorite juice or lowfat yogurt.

Screw on the locking lid.

Place the cup or mug lid side down on the Magic Bullet.

Plug in the Magic Bullet.

Press down on the cup or mug to engage the Magic Bullet and blend the mixture until it is smooth.