How to Make Fudge With Protein Powder & Chocolate


0:04 hi I'm Rosie Bautista with I cook naked

0:07 and of course I'm not really naked in

0:09 the kitchen but I am bringing you the

0:10 most yummy decadent delicious naked

0:13 fudge oh my god this is one of my

0:16 favorite recipes but because it includes

0:18 so we have my favorite super foods which

0:21 are flax Chia and cacao and we have

0:24 peanut butter and we have oats and we

0:27 have one of my favorite favorite

0:28 chocolate protein powders which is

0:32 really really one of the purest ones and

0:34 really great now use this in my

0:36 bodybuilding competition and I

0:37 absolutely love it and we have some

0:38 almond milk so we're going to put all

0:40 this into the blender this recipe is not

0:43 going to be cooked it's going to make

0:44 such a delicious kind of sticky mixture

0:46 that we're going to be able to just put

0:49 the refrigerator and eat it like that

0:51 and it's like a yummy amazing fudge so

0:54 let's start with our dry ingredients

0:55 we're going to do 2 tablespoons of our

0:58 seeds so we have 2 tablespoons of flex 2

1:06 tablespoons of chia seed she is an

1:10 amazing food it's got iron and calcium

1:12 and protein and just awesome raw cacao

1:18 which is chocolate in its most natural

1:21 natural form two scoops of our vegan

1:23 protein powder chocolate more yummy

1:30 chocolate I'm going to do have a cup of

1:37 raw oatmeal

1:46 two tablespoons of peanut butter

1:58 and we're going to start out with half a

2:00 cup of almond milk and we'll decide if

2:02 we want to add more liquid or not

2:14 mmm I smell a lot of chocolate right now

2:17 okay we got it perfect it's a hard

2:21 consistency you can kind of see that

2:24 it's hard it's going to form a bowl and

2:27 I'm going to scoop it right into my

2:31 little cups so I'm going to put these in

2:39 the refrigerator and I'll have them for

2:41 later when they're cold if I make the

2:45 refrigerator ciao for now