Natural Remedy for Saggy Stomach Skin


0:05 hi I'm Regina owner and chemist here at

0:07 Rd alchemy natural products and in this

0:10 video I'm going to show you how to make

0:11 a natural remedy for saggy stomach skin

0:14 so a lot of us have saggy stomach skin

0:16 whether it be from having a couple

0:18 babies or maybe from losing weight too

0:20 quickly so we want something that's

0:22 going to help tighten and firm that area

0:24 and now I'm going to show you just a

0:26 real simple way to make a really neat

0:29 mask that's going to help to tighten and

0:31 firm saggy stomach skins so what you're

0:33 going to start off with is some witch

0:35 hazel extract you're also going to need

0:37 some coffee then some vegetable oil and

0:41 this one I'm using avocado oil but you

0:43 can really use anything that you want

0:44 any kind of moisturizing oil then you're

0:47 also going to need some green or black

0:49 tea I prefer black tea it usually works

0:51 a little bit better for helping to

0:52 tighten and firm and then also some clay

0:55 in this case I'm using red Moroccan clay

0:57 which is a really great detoxifying and

1:00 strengthening and tightening type clay

1:02 you can use any other clay though you

1:04 choose if you wanted to use bentonite

1:06 that's a nice one or any other Kaling

1:08 clay so what you'll start off with is a

1:11 cup of your clay so you're going to

1:14 start by pouring in your clay this is

1:19 about a cup here after that you're going

1:28 to add a quarter cup of your black or

1:30 green tea and this has been measured out

1:32 just pour it all in then you're going to

1:37 do 1 teaspoon of your vegetable oil this

1:45 is a great way to moisturize the skin

1:48 because you want to moisturize the area

1:51 that's also going to help it tighten and

1:53 firm and then one teaspoon of your

1:56 coffee now the tea and the coffee that

1:59 we're adding we're adding that

2:00 specifically because the tea and coffee

2:02 has tannins and caffeine in there and

2:04 the tannins in caffeine are what's going

2:06 to help tighten and tone and firm that

2:08 saggy stomach skin they work by

2:10 shrinking the cell structure and with

2:13 witch hazel extract

2:14 that's also a natural astringent and I'm

2:16 going to be putting in 1 teaspoon of my

2:19 witch hazel extract in there too so once

2:22 you're done adding your greediest you're

2:24 just going to mix it all together and

2:26 you're going to keep mixing until the

2:29 clay is all hydrated together and it's

2:33 going to firm into kind of like a pasty

2:36 peanut buttery type of ball if it's a

2:39 little thick if you need a little bit

2:41 more you could always add a little bit

2:42 more of your coffee or your tea go ahead

2:45 a that left you can always add a little

2:47 bit of water too

2:49 depending on your clay it will change

2:51 the way that it swells and firms up some

2:53 clays swell up quite a bit with just a

2:56 little bit of liquid and some won't need

2:59 too much at all I'm just going to add a

3:01 little bit more just so I can get the

3:03 kind of consistency so depending on the

3:06 clay you're using you're going to want

3:08 to keep mixing it until it's this nice

3:10 type of peanut buttery type of

3:13 consistency here so you can see there

3:15 it's almost like mixing clay so once

3:20 you're done mixing all your ingredients

3:21 together and you end up with this peanut

3:23 butter type of consistency you can apply

3:26 it to your stomach area once or twice a

3:28 day in a thin layer let it dry for about

3:30 15-20 minutes and then rinse the more

3:33 often you apply it and a longer you

3:34 apply it for the more it's going to have

3:36 its chance to tighten and firm your

3:38 saggy stomach skin and that's how you

3:40 make a natural remedy for saggy stomach

3:42 skin

3:44 you