How to Make Coleslaw Dressing


0:00 hi I'm Chris Voorhees Executive Sous

0:02 Chef here at contemporary catering and

0:03 I'm going to show you how to make a

0:05 simple coleslaw dressing basically for a

0:08 nice coleslaw start off with some

0:10 shredded cabbage some shredded carrots

0:11 you can do like a different multicolored

0:14 little shredded purple cabbage little

0:15 green cabbage shred those up and then

0:18 for your dressing for that basically a

0:20 little bit of mayonnaise

0:21 take your mayo sugar granulated white is

0:26 fine a little pinch of salt and pepper a

0:30 little touch of celery seed a little bit

0:36 of apple cider vinegar this is going to

0:38 thin out the mayonnaise a little bit

0:39 make it a little more runny it won't be

0:40 so tight and we'll also add a little

0:42 acid to it so the flavor and what's your

0:44 eating actually a little stands up on

0:46 your tongue a little bit make sure

0:47 tastebuds perk up if you will and then a

0:50 little seasoning concoction that I have

0:52 that's called a calico spice and it's

0:54 like ground the natto some dill weed a

0:57 little black sesame and some other

0:58 secret spices that I can't tell you

0:59 about otherwise I would be killed take

1:03 all those things combine those in a

1:06 little mixing bowl take a whip to them

1:10 whip them up like that add in your other

1:12 ingredients the shredded cabbage the

1:14 straighted carrots maybe even some green

1:15 onions you got a nice little coleslaw

1:17 make a little barbecue pork sandwich put

1:20 the coleslaw on top of that there's

1:21 lunch my name's Chris and that's how you

1:23 make coleslaw dressing