How to Make Apple Cobbler


0:04 hi there I'm Alena Zi holistic health

0:08 coach and raw food chef and I'm here to

0:11 share my easy tips on how to make an

0:13 apple cobbler this one is really quick

0:16 and easy and what we will need is three

0:19 of your favorite apples I'm using pink

0:21 lady you can use Golden Delicious Fuji

0:23 whatever you prefer we will need about

0:27 three dates third of a cup of raisins

0:30 and then we'll need some salt flax seeds

0:33 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla a little bit

0:36 of cinnamon and that is gonna be our

0:39 filling and then for the crust we're

0:41 going to make it right here it's going

0:42 to be very very quick

0:44 we'll need a cup of walnuts a cup of

0:47 almonds about a cup a little less of

0:49 dates and about a half a teaspoon of

0:52 vanilla and also about a quarter

0:54 teaspoon of salt we want to give it a

0:56 lot of buttery feeling so we will begin

0:59 with putting our nuts in the food

1:02 processor and this is fabulous for you

1:05 there's tons of anti-inflammatory and

1:09 make a threes in here there is calcium

1:11 vitamin E from from almonds dates have

1:15 natural sugars and fiber so this crust

1:17 is better than any store-bought crust

1:20 we'll put our vanilla right in here as

1:22 well and we'll put our salt and salt is

1:26 your easy tip for this cobbler because

1:30 like I said it will give it buttery

1:32 feeling and then we'll just want to

1:34 process it until it's nice and crumbly

1:36 resembling that cobbler crust the great

1:41 thing about this recipe is you only use

1:44 this one food processor so you don't

1:46 have to wash it all you need to do is

1:49 empty it and then we'll start with the

1:52 main ingredient of apples what we will

1:56 need about half of these apples so about

1:59 one and a half of the apples we'll put

2:02 it here in the food processor we'll put

2:05 our three days I have some of the

2:09 flaxseed in here that ground and it will

2:11 actually bind this

2:13 pablor together then we'll use our

2:16 vanilla cinnamon and again about a

2:21 quarter teaspoon of salt and you want to

2:24 process it until it resembles something

2:27 like applesauce you don't want it too

2:29 chunky for this part and we are all done

2:38 now we need to put some of that filling

2:42 into our cobbler dish it smells

2:46 delicious

2:47 you can layer it with some raisins it's

2:52 actually very good the next day because

2:54 all the flavors mix them together really

2:57 nicely and then you'll just stop it with

3:01 your crumbly topping and you'll see that

3:04 this crust will become like play-doh you

3:08 want to decorate it right on top it's

3:12 really fun for the kids the hands will

3:14 get a little dirty but it's all yummy

3:16 goodness and I like to put a little bit

3:18 of coconut because it will give it that

3:21 alamode feeling and there you have it

3:23 this is a healthy quick and easy apple

3:27 cobbler and remember when you eat

3:29 healthy natural and fabulous food you'll

3:32 be healthy naturally and you'll feel

3:34 fabulous and look fabulous until later

3:42 you