How to Make Apple Chips With a Food Dehydrator


0:05 hi I'm Karen Calabrese and I'm here for

0:08 e how come today we're going to make

0:11 dehydrated apples

0:12 we'll start with red apples and green

0:15 apples and we'll slice them very thinly

0:17 on the mandolin but uncut throw a little

0:19 twisting today and make the dehydrated

0:22 apples that we make at some of the

0:24 Karen's restaurants here in the Midwest

0:25 so we call them apple crisp but you

0:28 could flavor em looks just about

0:30 anything that your hearts desires you

0:32 could make cinnamon apples and lemon

0:34 apples and just about anything so let's

0:36 get started on the apple crisp today in

0:39 addition to my dentally sliced apples I

0:42 like to add shredded carrots just making

0:44 it more of a harvest feeling type crisp

0:47 for it I'm going to add a little agave

0:51 nectar not a lot just a little bit of

0:54 sweetener because your apples are

0:55 already pretty sweet and they have the

0:57 cap Rica we like I'm just a little bit

1:00 spicy we're going to add the black

1:03 pepper garlic powder garlic salt cayenne

1:14 pepper really nice heat to it and a

1:22 little onion powder and a little Cajun

1:24 powder that really gives it an extra

1:26 special flavor now we'll mix this all

1:29 together and all of these flavors

1:31 together will blend nicely and then

1:34 we're going to take them and lay them

1:37 out on our dehydrator sheets see we have

1:40 these sheets that come with a lot of

1:42 dehydrators and they really don't even

1:46 have to be laid out flat so you can just

1:47 kind of pile them on there just gonna

1:50 spread those all over and then we'll pop

1:55 it into the dehydrator for a pop

1:58 probably at about 115 anywhere between

2:01 110 to 115 this keeps it still a living

2:05 product so the enzymes are alive we pop

2:07 it in the dehydrator for about Oh 18

2:10 hours

2:11 so here we have our dehydrated

2:14 a great treat for your children for your

2:17 lunch bags a great treat for your guests

2:20 a little appetizer actually you can put

2:22 them all over the house and they will

2:24 last these bowls stay good for at least

2:28 two to three weeks if not longer

2:37 you