How to Make Pork Belly Lechon in the Oven


0:04 my name is Anthony buco and we're gonna

0:07 go through how to make a pork belly they

0:10 shown so we're starting with like I say

0:11 about 1/3 of a pork belly this one is no

0:13 bone and it's skin removed which in some

0:16 instances it may be better to go with

0:17 the butcher and have him leave the skin

0:19 on but that's up to each person's you

0:21 know its preferences so basically what

0:24 we have is a combination of different

0:25 flavors garlic and lemongrass the

0:28 rosemary and thyme salt a little sugar

0:30 and some pepper and they're really gonna

0:31 perfume through the flesh of the pork

0:33 and really contribute through the long

0:34 roasting process such an amazing flavor

0:37 so once we we pack it with herbs and

0:39 flavor what we'll do is we'll tie it and

0:41 we'll roast it well roast it in a 300

0:43 degree oven for about 2 hours if our

0:45 skin and exterior it takes on too much

0:47 color what we can do is we can just

0:48 basically kind of tint it with a little

0:50 aluminum foil to prevent it from

0:51 continuing to brown we really just want

0:54 to make sure that the flesh of the of

0:55 the pork belly is set edible and tender

0:58 and again that's going to come with the

1:00 proper cooking time so 300 degrees for

1:02 about 2 hours should get us to where we

1:03 want to be if we find that the exterior

1:05 of the pork isn't taking on that

1:07 beautiful browning like we'd like we can

1:09 simply put it in and keep it you know we

1:11 can we can bump the oven temperature up

1:13 to 350 degrees at which point it should

1:15 take on a nice even carmelization and be

1:17 as visually appealing as it is tasty