How to Make an Italian Coffee


0:00 hi my name is Rafael Perry I'm from

0:02 Caracas roasting and I'm going to be

0:04 talking to you about how to make an

0:05 Italian coffee in Europe especially

0:07 Italy and Italian coffee as we call it

0:10 here is an espresso it's in Italy we

0:14 don't serve drip coffee like we do here

0:16 in the United States the only drink

0:18 espresso from the espresso

0:20 you got the espresso basic the macchiato

0:23 which is an espresso we have a touch of

0:25 form on it and then you have a

0:27 cappuccino and the latte

0:30 the cappuccino is the foamy milk with

0:33 the espresso and the latte is the last

0:35 familiar with gas price or more like

0:37 liquid milk steamed milk to make an

0:40 espresso need a very very fine grind

0:42 almost the finest grind you have Turkish

0:44 grind which is the finest one and then

0:46 expresso it's kind of a powder you need

0:48 to find a grind because the espresso

0:50 comes out of the machine that builds a

0:52 lot of pressure and some machine

0:54 actually brew your coffee with steam

0:56 that's a high the pressure goes the

0:59 extraction of the espresso the Italian

1:01 coffee is very very slow very compact

1:04 and very creamy that's where you get

1:05 that crema on top of the espresso that

1:08 looks kind of a little sugar talk after

1:12 Perry from Kahwa coffee roasting and I

1:14 will explain it to you how to brew

1:17 entire coffee