How Do I Make a Mimosa Drink?


0:05 hi my name is Isaiah Frizzell from Feast

0:09 of the premier supper club in Los

0:11 Angeles and today I'm gonna show you how

0:13 to make mimosas what's what's better on

0:17 Sunday and brunch

0:18 it's time for friends and fun and patios

0:22 and of course hair of the dog

0:25 you know so um when when I make my Moses

0:28 if I look out into the to the universe a

0:30 galaxy what do you see bubbles

0:32 everywhere so we're gonna start off with

0:35 the bubbles why because they thumb up

0:40 and bow and if you have the oranges

0:42 already in there it blends thumbs

0:46 bubbles comes over you have a huge mess

0:49 so instead that we're going to and I'm

0:52 making too because like Julia Child I

0:55 like to enjoy my cooking so and then we

1:02 have the orange juice and what you're

1:04 gonna do is just stream it you kind of

1:06 sort of you angled the glass almost like

1:08 pouring beer extremely orange juice into

1:13 the cup and there you have it delicious

1:20 breakfast treats and I tend to err on

1:26 the Champaign side what you might want

1:29 to do is and I'd say you know 3/4 orange

1:34 juice to 1/4 champagne unless you like

1:36 me so it's super simple that's how you

1:41 make mimosas I'm Isaiah Frizzell from

1:43 the legendary underground supper club in

1:44 Los Angeles feast

1:53 you