How to Make a Virgin White Russian


0:04 hi my name is Cece Hoffman with Chef BC

0:08 from DC catering and today I am gonna

0:10 show you how to make a virgin white

0:13 Russian White Russian classically is

0:15 vodka Kahlua and cream we're not using

0:20 any alcohol in it so you have to know

0:23 what's actually in Kahlua

0:25 well Kahlua is a coffee base liqueur it

0:28 also has hints of corn syrup and vanilla

0:29 in there and it's rum based we're gonna

0:32 tweak it we're gonna take a little bit

0:34 of vanilla extract we're literally gonna

0:35 take one dropper about one teaspoon

0:38 drop it right into our cocktail shaker

0:40 then we're gonna take our milk or cream

0:43 and I am going to use four ounces so

0:47 we're literally taking one bar spoon

0:49 let's make it two bar spoons into our

0:51 vanilla and cream based tin shake right

0:54 here now with the coffee we are going to

0:57 take two ounces and just measure that

1:00 out you can use your trusty jigger you

1:03 can use your measuring spoon we're gonna

1:06 give that a nice hard shake

1:13 and we're gonna take our glass throw

1:17 some ice in there just pour it right

1:20 over top what we're gonna do is we're

1:24 gonna add another half ounce of our

1:26 coffee just for appearance SiC right

1:31 there and lastly but not least we're

1:35 gonna take some white chocolate and

1:36 we're literally gonna take a zester or

1:39 microplane shave it right on top there

1:43 and then take a blowtorch and we're

1:46 gonna melt that white chocolate right

1:48 there on top of the glass you have

1:50 yourself a wonderful cocktail