How to Make a Snakeskin Hatband

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Making a snakeskin hatband can take several days. But don’t rush through the process, as improperly prepared snakeskin can mold or become messy. If you don’t want to kill a snake for its skin, snakeskin can be purchased through many online vendors. Snakeskin prepping kits can also be purchased online or where hunting supplies are sold. Before removing a snake’s skin, make sure it is dead.

Prepping the Snakeskin

Kill the snake by chopping off its head with a sharp tool. Shovels work well for decapitating snakes.

Turn over the snake belly-side up and insert the scissors at the neck. Cut down the length of the skin. Peel the skin from the snake.

Scrape away any remaining meat and fat from the inside of the skin.

Mix 1 part glycerin with 1 part rubbing alcohol. You need enough liquid so the snakeskin will be fully covered.

Place the snakeskin in the container and cover for 48 hours, stirring once at the 24-hour mark.

Remove the skin from the container. Rinse with warm water and rub with glycerin.

Hang the skin for another 24 hours, wiping with a clean cloth when done.

Making the Hatband

Measure the area of the hat where the snakeskin will be placed.

Lay the snakeskin on a flat surface. Cut the snakeskin to match the length of the area on the hat the snakeskin will wrap.

Turn the snakeskin over flesh-side out, and sew the ends together lengthwise. This will create a long tube.

Turn the snakeskin right-side out so the skin is visible. Properly prepared snakeskin is very pliable.

Sew the ends of the snakeskin tube together to create a circle, then fit over the hat.