How to Make a Big Decision

I'm not talking about choosing between the matinee and 8:15 showing of the latest blockbuster. This article is dedicated to anyone who is about to make a life altering decision.
Keep your job or Quit? Break up or Stay Together? Move or Stay Put? Etc.

Clarify your options. You need to know exactly what your options are and what the benefits and consequences are for each. Defining these can help you weigh your choices. I highly recommend actually writing them down or typing them in a word document or spreadsheet. If you have someone that you are comfortable talking to about your problem, it might help to do so. Often times just talking about the issue can help you solve the problem. At the very least you can get the advice of someone on the outside looking in.

Trust your gut feeling. It never fails, anytime I have faced a life changing challenge, I knew the answer all along, but I was too afraid to listen to my heart. Often times the right choice is the hardest one to make. No one is saying that it is going to be easy, but you have to know that if you are doing what YOU think is best for you, things will eventually work out.

Don't rush. I've seen so many people (myself included) jump to a conclusion without looking at the consequences. Once something is done, it cannot be undone, so please choose wisely.

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. As I said in step two, your answer may not be the most convenient, but what is life without a little challenge here and there. I would personally hate to look back at my life and see a bunch of "what ifs".

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