How to Live a Country Life

Dougal Waters/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The country life is not for everyone. In fact, this is a hotly debated subject--which is best, country or city life? Some people unequivocally hate the idea of living in the country. They would feel out of the stream of life. The slowness of life in the countryside would bore them, and they could not tolerate the goldfish-bowl quality of life in a small place, where everybody knows your business. However, for others, their life's dream is of a simpler life--a place in the country, where there is time to slow down, and live a bit more in harmony with nature.

Test the water by spending weekends in the countryside, if this is possible. If you have relatives and friends who live in the countryside ask them to be frank about the benefits and drawbacks. Have an honest debate with yourself and your family members about what you might miss about city life. Try to make a decision based on a realistic assessment of yourself and the area you are moving to.

Join the social life of the countryside whole-heartedly. There is no point in trying to hold onto your city ways if you want to live a country life. Attend local functions, and show your support for local farmers' markets and small stores by shopping in them as much as possible. Accept people's overtures of friendship. Do not complain of farm smells and noises. Some people move to the countryside because they like it--but then want to change it.

Embrace some of the traditional country pursuits such as gardening, preserving and baking. These can be really enjoyable and satisfying. Try to organize your shopping, so you are not constantly running out of supplies. Replenishing stocks is not quite so easy when you are miles away from the nearest store.