How to Lighten Dark Elbows


0:05 hi its pearl Dworkin and I'm here today

0:07 to tell you some tips on how to lighten

0:10 dark elbows so there's a couple of

0:13 things you can do there's at home

0:15 remedies and I'm going to show you one

0:16 right now so this is going to be using

0:19 the lemon I've cut it in half lemons

0:22 have natural citric acid so what I'm

0:24 going to do is I'm gonna squeeze out the

0:26 juice and you can save that for a recipe

0:29 that you might make so we squeeze out

0:32 the juice and then what I'm gonna do is

0:34 I'm gonna apply tumeric tumeric has an

0:37 active ingredient in it called curcumin

0:39 which is very brightening for the skin

0:43 so we're gonna sprinkle the curcumin and

0:45 then what we're gonna do is we're gonna

0:47 apply it to the elbows you could do this

0:50 about three or four days a week the

0:53 citric acid from the lemon is very

0:55 brightening as well as the tumeric

1:01 exfoliation is key as well as using the

1:05 right kind of brighteners you don't want

1:08 to do anything that's going to cause

1:09 inflammation to the skin

1:12 since inflammation can lead to darker

1:14 areas and darker pigmentation so you

1:17 want to be gentle with your skin use

1:19 gentle products and don't over exfoliate

1:26 you