How to Know When a Relationship is Over

by Beth S. Patterson, MA

Know when a relationship is over by appraising the pros and cons of being with someone and doing a self-assessment on whether the relationship is worth keeping. Be honest about the bad things in a relationship and write down feelings about the situation with help from a psychotherapist and grief counselor in this free video on relationships.

About the Author

Beth S. Patterson is a psychotherapist and grief counselor with a private practice in Denver, Colo. Her therapeutic style is informed by spirituality and a deep belief that people all have the inherent wisdom to use losses and other life challenges in order to transition, grow and heal. Her counseling practice is client-centered, grounded in wellness, not sickness, and blends solution-focused, contemplative, body-centered and cognitive behavioral approaches. Patterson specializes in issues involving grief, loss and all life transitions, as well as counseling musicians and others in the arts.