How to Keep Hamburgers Juicy

With the onset of summer, grilling takes on a regular appearance in many backyards. And on those grills, hamburgers abound. An American staple, they have the versatility and taste that keep them central to many barbecues. In this article, we will look at tips on how to keep them juicy.

Preparing the burger

Mix the chopmeat with any additional ingredients you wish. Using an 80/20 mix of meat to fat will insure great flavor and taste as well as keeping the burger juicy. Suggestions for additional ingredients are: chopped bacon, chopped mushrooms, onions, herbs such as basil or cilantro and spices such as chili powder or curry. Mix these ingredients in with a mixing spoon. Using you hand will actually melt some of the fay away with your body heat and lose some flavor.

Press the meat mixture into burger shapes, careful not to pack it to tight. Using a cup to form the patties is another option for uniformity in size.

Season the patties with salt and pepper just before you are ready to grill them. Salting to early will draw out the moisture and make them dry. On a hot grill, 400 degrees or so, place the burgers. Allow them to sear on one side before turning them. At no point should you press down on them. Allow them to cook at a slower temperature after searing for anything over medium rare, around 300 degrees on the grill. Again, flip them as needed but do not press down them. That will cause the juices to run down and the burger to dry out. Do not stab with a fork to check doneness. Press on the patty instead. The firmer the meat the more done it is.

Add cheese or some sort of barbecue sauce, if desired, a minute prior to removing. Close the lid to allow the cheese to melt. Remove the patties and let sit for a few minutes, usually 2-3. Serve on a bun, potato roll or alone.