How to Keep Carrots Fresh in the Fridge

by Jenny Harrington

Carrots store best without their tops.

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A bag of carrots is one of the more versatile produce items. Enjoy the carrots raw as a snack or cooked in a variety of sweet and savory ways. Carrots provide an inexpensive and readily available produce option that also stores well. These root vegetables retain much of their flavor and nutrient value during storage, if you refrigerate them properly and use them before they begin to decline. Correctly storing the carrots maximizes storage time without a loss of quality.

Cut the leafy tops off the carrots if they are still attached. Cut off the foliage close to the carrot top, but avoid cutting into the actual carrot.

Place the topped, unwashed carrots back in the store bag, if applicable. Alternatively, place the carrots into a plain plastic storage bag and close the top loosely.

Store the bagged carrots in the vegetable crisper drawer of the refrigerator. Carrots typically retain their quality for up to two weeks.

Check on the carrots during storage every two to three days. Use them immediately if they begin to shrivel or become limp.


  • Wash and peel carrots immediately before using them. Washed, peeled carrots do not store as well as those left unpeeled.

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