How to Have Dignity and Self Respect

Dignity and self-respect are two things that every person should have, but unfortunately not everyone does. If you know you lack these qualities, but would like to gain them, it's never too late to learn to believe in yourself and to behave in a dignified manner. When you learn to love yourself and treat others with respect, you'll feel an amazing sense of inner satisfaction. People will also begin to flock to you, as they will see you as a role model for how they would like to behave.

Know Your Own Worth

Some people feel the need to flaunt their wealth, education or good looks in order to receive the validation they need to feel like they're important. These people need to put others down in order to feel better about themselves. A person who has dignity and self-respect does not behave like this. A dignified individual, who respects herself, knows her own worth without needing to put others down to feel important.

Be Humble With Your Actions

A person who has dignity does not need to start rumors, manipulate others and cause drama to be noticed. A dignified person stands out from the crowd because of the positive contributions he makes to the lives of others. He feels fulfilled because he knows he's done nice things for others, and he doesn't need to broadcast his good needs to other people for validation.

Generate Positive Energy

Be aware of how much you complain about your life to others. If every conversation that you have involves criticizing yourself and others, this is a sign that you have low self-respect. Instead, make conversations revolve around positivity such as giving genuine compliments to others, talking about steps you've made to improve parts of your life that you weren't satisfied with and showing appreciation when you receive gifts and praise from others. Only a person with dignity and self-respect can truly display these behaviors.

Don't Let Negativity Get You Down

A person who respects herself doesn't allow negative events in her life to bring her down. Instead, it's important to take difficult moments and turn them into productivity. Determine what went wrong and use that as motivation to turn it into something positive. Mistakes and rejections are learning opportunities that can be used to improve yourself in the future. A dignified person takes these events in stride, knowing that things will get better, because she believes in herself.