How to Have an Easter Egg Scavanger Hunt for Adults

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Easter egg hunts for adults are rapidly gaining popularity and there's no mystery why--egg hunts are fun, easy to plan, and adults often enjoy feeling like a kid again. Part of what distinguishes an Easter egg hunt for adults from one for children are the prizes that you put inside the eggs and the difficulty of finding them.

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Schedule your scavenger hunt. While traditional Easter Egg Hunts are on Sunday, this party for adults can occur on Friday or Saturday night.

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Prepare the eggs. Open the plastic eggs and fill them with gift certificates, golf tees, nail polish, silver keychains, jewelry or cuff links.

Establish boundaries for where the hunt will take place. Communicate these boundaries later to your guests.

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Gather your plastic, ceramic, wooden and chocolate eggs and hide them in obscure places. While you might hide eggs in easier places for children, you should hide them in really challenging spots for adults. Hide them in pots and pans, behind books or under pillows.

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Offer prizes for the person who finds the most eggs. For example, prizes could be movie, opera or sports tickets or a gift certificate to a local restaurant.