How to Go Gray Gracefully

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For many, growing older brings with it the spouting of gray hairs. If your former hair hue has given way to a gray one, you have several options. If you simply aren’t ready to deal with gray hair, you can color your hair, getting a few more years of youthful bold hair. If, instead, you want to accept your gray and the image of age and experience that it brings with it, go gray gracefully, not fighting against this age-related change.

Make the transition more seamless with highlights. If your gray has come on suddenly, or you are transitioning from dyed hair to gray, avoid the line of gray creeping down your hair strands by having your beautician add in gray highlights. With these highlights in place, the gradual arrival of gray will be less noticeable and more natural.

Condition your gray hair. Gray hair is often more coarse than hair of other colors. If your hair changes not just color, but also texture, as it turns to gray, use a more powerful conditioner to ensure that it remains soft and manageable.

Consider changing up your cut. Fully embrace your new hair by changing your style to suit the new look. Go with a shorter style to show off your new gray locks and make it clear that you are ready for a change.

Modify your make-up practices. Gray hair can make your skin look more washed out. To avoid this, add a bronzer to your routine, creating a brighter, more sun-kissed look.