How to Get Rid of Spots On Chest

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Brown spots on the upper part of the chest, also called age spots, are caused by sun exposure. Many people develop brown discolored spots on their chests because this area is often unprotected and exposed during outdoor activities. These spots, formally known as lentigines, respond well to beauty and salon products. Dermatologists also offer medical treatments for this cosmetic problem.

Protect your chest when exercising outdoors. This prevents the formation of new spots and keeps the spots you have from darkening. Apply sunscreen daily or keep your chest covered while outdoors.

Use a chemical peel to remove brown spots from your chest. A peel containing glycolic acid can gently remove spots that have been discolored by the sun.

Grab a sliced lemon and rub it directly on the skin of your upper chest. You will notice the age spots lightening after a few weeks of daily application.

Rub a skin-safe bleaching cream on your bothersome chest spots. Look for a bleaching cream that is safe enough to use on sensitive skin. Many dermatologists recommend creams that include 2 percent hydroquinone.