How to Freeze Cod Fish

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Cod is a mild-flavored, popular white fleshed fish found throughout North America. Vikings caught cod for food, and started a trade in Europe. With the advent of Portuguese explorers, cod began to be fished around the North American continent and continues in its popularity to this day. The fish was traditionally dried or eaten fresh. With the advent of freezers and refrigerators, cod can now be frozen and rewarmed to so it can keep its fresh taste for months.

Clean the fish with running water and double check that all the bones are removed. Cut fish into portions that are determined by recipes or number of diners.

Place down on the paper towel and pat dry.

Place the fillets in their own individual zip-top bags, pressed out all the air and seal.

Place the fish in the freezer, making sure they are lying flat, otherwise they will freeze in weird shapes.