How to Find a Justice of the Peace to Officiate Your Wedding

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Find a Justice of the Peace to Officiate Your Wedding. Couples often decide to contact a justice of the peace for several reasons. Some prefer a non-denominational wedding, while others want to plan a casual ceremony at the court house. Whatever your reason, read on to learn how to find a justice of the peace to officiate your wedding.

Decide on the most important aspects of the ceremony. Write down a list of key aspects.

Use this list as guide for developing questions.

Look through the phone book or ask a friend for recommendations.

As an alternative, you can attend a wedding festival and find several people who can serve as a justice of the peace.

Call at least three justices and make an appointment to meet with them.

Take your list of questions. Be sure to ask each justice the same questions so you will be able to make a comparison.

When meeting with a justice of the peace, be sure to notice your first reaction to the person. Often, first impressions are very valuable when making a decision.

Take note of the justice's willingness to talk with you at length and his overall attitude.

Make a list of preferred justices.

Make a final decision.

Call the justice of the peace and reserve your wedding date.

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