How to Fast on Ash Wednesday for Catholics

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Pope Paul VI reestablished the Catholic's Church rite of fasting in 1966 in the Apostolic Constitution on Penance. The outline was revised again in 1983 by Pope Paul. The requirements of fasting begin on Ash Wednesday and continue through the period of Lent through Good Friday, ending with the Easter celebration. Catholics of the age of 14 must fast all of these days as a part of the Catholic religion. Those excused from fasting if they wish are those over the age of 60, those whose medical conditions prohibit them from fasting and those who partake in extreme manual labor.

Choose one meal a day as the main meal. This is typically dinner. Breakfast and lunch should be smaller meals than usually consumed. The combination of these two meals should be less than the one main meal.

Refrain from eating any meat, with the exception of fish. Fish is considered a different category of animal.

Include eggs and dairy in your fasting. Although meats such as beef and chicken are prohibited, animal products produced from these animals are not.

Include chicken or beef broth to add flavor and seasoning to foods such as rice and pasta. These are not prohibited during fasting.

Make drinks such as smoothies and milkshakes that can appease hunger and supplement the smaller meals while not qualifying as meals themselves.