How to Eat Boiled Crawfish

The most popular way to eat crawfish (sometimes spelled crayfish) is to first boil them in a large pot with potatoes, corn, garlic and lots of seasoning. Then, one by one, just peel, pull, eat and suck. It's that simple.

Once the crawfish are boiled, pour them on a table covered with newspaper or put them in a tray.

Grab a crawfish and twist the tail and pull it apart from the head. Put the head aside.

Gently separate the tail from the body by peeling off a few of the top shell segments (the one's farthest from the end of the tail).

Pinch the fan-like end of the tail with your fingers while carefully pulling the meat from the tail with your teeth and eat. Discard the shell. Wipe fingers and mouth with paper towels.

Grab the crawfish head and suck out the juices and the golden fat. The head has lots of flavoring so it might be spicy. Wash down with a cold beverage.