How to Drizzle Ganache

Versatile, silky smooth and rich in chocolate flavor, ganache is a workhorse in the baker's kitchen. Though flavorings and other ingredients may be added, the foundation of any ganache is a mixture of heavy cream and chocolate. It can be poured warm over a cake to create an icing or glaze, whipped and used as a filling for cakes, tortes and other desserts, and chilled and used as a filling for candies. Warm ganache can also be poured into a pastry bag and drizzled for a sophisticated, yet easy-to-do, finishing touch.

Insert small round pastry tip into pastry bag. Smaller tips work best to ensure an even drizzle of chocolate. Cut the tip off of the bag so that the pastry tip pokes through. Set the bag aside.

Prepare ganache, per your recipe. Allow melted ganache to cool slightly -- just enough so that it can be handled.

Hold the pastry bag in one hand. Using your other hand, fold down the top part of the bag over the hand holding the bag. This cuff allows the bag to remain open while you pour in the ganache. Add the ganache to the bag, using a spoon or curved spatula. Do not fill more than three quarters of the bag. If too much is added, the ganache will spill out from the top when the bag is squeezed. It is also easier to manipulate the bag when it is less full.

Unfold the cuff to close the bag, twisting the part of the bag right where the filling ends. This closes the bag and helps prevent the ganache from spilling out of the top. You are now ready to drizzle the ganache.

Hold the closed bag with one hand and lift up and over to whatever dessert requires the ganache. This helps prevent the ganache from dipping out until you're ready to drizzle. When the bag is positioned where you would like the ganache, slowly turn the bag back down. In quick back and forth motions, guide the bag over the dessert. Squeeze the bag gently to ensure a steady drizzle of ganache.