How to Do a Brazilian Wax

How to Do a brazilian wax. A Brazilian wax removes all (or at least most of) the hair in the front and back of the bikini line. This is a frightening prospect for many women who are worried that it will hurt. A thorough Brazilian isn't something you can do yourself, so call or professional or plan on asking a friend for help.

Trim any hair in the bikini region to about 1/4 inch. Shaving should be avoided for at least two weeks prior to waxing, although the actual length of time depends on how fast the hair grows.

Prepare your chosen wax according to manufacturer's directions. If you plan on conquering the Brazilian on yourself, a sugaring wax will be the safest choice. Professionals usually use a hot wax, but since it can burn, make sure you have a bit of experience before attempting to use hot wax.

Apply the wax to a small area, and immediately press a cloth strip into it while it is soft. Wait a moment, then pull the cloth strip to remove it from the skin along with the hair. Pull against the direction that the hair grows, and do not attempt to remove too much hair with one pull.

Remove as little or as much of the pubic hair as desired. Terminology differs, but a Brazilian can be completely bare, leave a small strip or leave a small triangle of hair. The Playboy and Full Monty also refer to the Brazilian, but each aesthetician uses different definitions.

Wax the bikini line completely to the natural growth line of the hair. This is usually 2 to 4 inches at the top of the legs.

Continue removing hair along the lips of the vagina. Smaller strips work best to remove wax in this area.

Flip over and wax the backside. A Brazilian wax includes the buttocks. If you are attempting to wax yourself, you will need a mirror to hit the nether regions.

Remove any excess hair with tweezers. Stubborn hair or hair in awkward places may need to be tweezed in order to have a perfectly smooth finish.

Apply aloe, baby powder or other lotion to soothe the waxed area. There may be some redness, but this should subside in just a few hours.