How to Diminish Brown Spots on Your Face the Cheap Way


0:00 Hi I'm Kim with Simply Beautiful in Austin, Texas. I'm going to talk about how to get

0:05 rid of brown spots on your face the cheap way. There's all kinds of way to get rid of

0:10 dark spots but if you are strapped or on a budget, I'm going to give you the easiest

0:15 most simple way to do it. It's with a lemon and Q-tips. You're just going to take the

0:20 juice of a half a lemon, squeeze it into a bowl. Take a Q-tip. On cleansed and tones

0:33 skin, make sure your skin is free of impurities and just touch it. Touch it to the brown spots,

0:43 rub it around , make sure it's saturated. All the brown spots on your face. It's as

0:51 simple as that. Once that's dry you want to apply a sunscreen. Lotion with some sunscreen

1:00 to protect your skin because that's the source of brown spots. Brown spots come from sun

1:05 damage, in the end that's all it is. So keep a hat on, keep sunscreen on, and eventually

1:12 with this regimen, twice a day, as often as you can. Q-tip, lemon, on the spot they should

1:21 fade quite nicely.