How to Cut Fragrance Oils


0:05 hi I'm true beauty expert David Pollack

0:08 and I'm going to share with you how to

0:09 cut fragrance oils whether you're using

0:11 fragrance oils or even essential oils

0:14 you're going to find they're very potent

0:15 using them directly on the skin can

0:17 irritate the skin Plus let's face it

0:19 they can even cause you headaches so

0:21 before apply them is a perfume or even

0:23 if you want to use them as a diffuser

0:24 you want to be able to cut them and

0:26 there's two ways you can do it one of

0:28 the ways is to cut it with alcohol you

0:30 would use one ounce of vodka to every 10

0:33 drops of fragrance oil or your favorite

0:35 essential oil or even your essential oil

0:37 blend mix them together and then add it

0:39 to an atomizer as you missed it or spray

0:42 it out the alcohols can evaporate and

0:44 leave the essential oil aroma there on

0:46 the skin and you're gonna have made your

0:47 own perfect perfume another way to do it

0:51 if you want to go alcohol-free because

0:53 alcohol can be drawing to the skin is to

0:55 use a jojoba or squalene jojoba oil and

0:58 squalene actually mimic the skin

1:00 structure and closely match it so it's

1:02 one of my favorites so take just may be

1:04 for every two drops of fragrance oil or

1:06 essential oil to one drop of the

1:08 Ascension of the jojoba or squalene mix

1:10 them together let them sit overnight so

1:12 they can absorb together and then apply

1:14 it to pulse points now you're going to

1:16 have a very strong perfume without

1:18 irritating the skin

1:22 you