How to Cut Brigitte Bardot Bangs


0:06 hi i'm danielle Valiente with atmosphere

0:09 salon and our question is how to cut

0:11 brigitte bardot bangs when you're

0:15 choosing to wear a style of bang that is

0:19 a Brigitte Bardot style what that means

0:21 typically is that the bangs are a little

0:25 bit longer towards the outside of the

0:29 face shape and shorter towards the

0:31 center so they almost arc like that so

0:33 how to get that look pretty simple

0:36 couple things you want to take into

0:38 consideration first how thick do you

0:40 want them do you just want a small

0:42 fringe if so just a teeny little

0:45 triangle in the front so if you want a

0:48 less full Brigitte Bardot bang just take

0:52 a small triangle in the front if you

0:53 want it a little bit heavier and thicker

0:55 just extend that triangle out to the

0:59 outside of your eyebrow on both sides

1:02 and I'm just going to take a little

1:05 section so that I can demo this for you

1:08 if this was the section size that I

1:11 wanted to take for for the size of the

1:14 fringe or bangs that she wanted you will

1:18 then pinch the bangs together like this

1:24 and I always use the bridge of the nose

1:27 as a good guide that seems to be a

1:29 pretty complimentary length for these so

1:33 just resting your finger on the bridge

1:35 of the nose but you the trick is you

1:38 definitely want to pinch those bangs

1:40 together and then when you come in you

1:43 can either cut horizontally which is

1:45 going to give you a more solid line or

1:49 you can point cut them vertically which

1:53 will give you a more shattered line so

1:55 the result then when you let them go is

1:58 you will naturally get a bang that is

2:02 longer towards the cheekbones and

2:05 shorter towards the eyebrows so it'll

2:08 almost look like that so then as you

2:10 push them off to the side

2:13 they'll just gradually be wispier and

2:16 shorter in near the eyebrow and a bit

2:19 longer towards the outer edge and a good

2:22 place to stop it is right at the

2:25 cheekbone on the outside that's a very

2:28 complimentary length for the outer edge

2:33 of the fringe and if you direct them in

2:36 and you're right at the bridge of the

2:37 nose it's automatically going to fall

2:41 right about cheekbone level I'm Danielle

2:44 Valiente and that is how to cut Brigitte

2:47 Bardot bangs