How to Curl Hair With Rubber Bands & a Hair Tie


0:05 hello my name is mark white hair and

0:07 makeup artist here in New York City I've

0:09 had some customers clients and friends

0:12 ask me I've heard about curling my hair

0:14 with a rubber band how would I do

0:16 something like this well the one thought

0:19 that came into my mind that I've done to

0:21 quite a few clients is actually section

0:23 off into big sections twist and twist

0:26 and twist and then you secure with a

0:29 rubber band so I've already done one

0:32 right here on to my model yani but what

0:34 you want to do is to have big sections

0:37 otherwise it will be very very curly the

0:39 bigger your section the more wavy kind

0:42 of curly it will be the smaller the

0:44 section the much more more curly it's

0:47 going to be so the first thing that you

0:50 want to do is you want to moisten the

0:51 hair I like to use a little bit of a

0:55 pomade type thing which will really help

0:59 with the hair frizz ease and trying to

1:03 keep it all together and you're just

1:06 going to very carefully put some in make

1:10 sure that that is worked out from the

1:12 root all the way to the ends especially

1:14 towards the ends use a comb make sure

1:18 that all the hair knots and whatever

1:21 tangles are out I'm going to actually

1:25 pinch the hair close to the scalp and

1:28 I'm going to start twisting and what I

1:33 want to do is a good a tight twist that

1:37 it's actually going to start twisting

1:39 upon itself and what this will create is

1:43 really nice beautiful curls that are

1:46 also kind of a little bit wavy curly and

1:49 depending on you know the size section

1:51 what I like to do is all different sizes

1:55 you know all relatively around the same

1:58 but yet a little bit different so I'm a

2:00 little bit bigger some a little bit

2:01 smaller because naturally curly hair

2:04 does

2:04 have the exact same curl formation

2:06 around the whole entire head so you just

2:10 keep twisting and then just putting that

2:13 twisted freshly twisted part to the

2:16 bottom so it kind of makes like a little

2:19 not looking type hair thing and so then

2:24 once you get it all twisted wrap your

2:26 ends underneath then you're going to use

2:30 a rubber band to secure those ends at

2:34 the bottom so that it does not unravel

2:37 and here are two little as I call little

2:41 knots when these dry you can sit

2:43 underneath the dryer or you can keep it

2:45 in for a few hours the smaller your

2:47 sections the quicker is going to drive

2:49 the bigger the more hair is in there's

2:51 going to take a little bit longer to dry

2:52 I usually like to use a blow dryer or a

2:54 hood dryer that sits onto your counter

2:57 works perfectly like 20 minutes all dry

3:00 and when you release it'll have a

3:02 beautiful cascading waves or curls

3:04 whichever size sections that you put in

3:07 I thank you very much Mark Weiss from

3:09 New York City hair and makeup artist see

3:11 you soon

3:17 you