How to Cook Zucchini


0:00 hi I'm Pete Dryden and I'm going to show

0:02 you how to cook zucchini things you will

0:04 need a skillet zucchini onions butter

0:10 and garlic first place your skillet on

0:14 top of the stove and turn your heat to

0:16 medium

0:16 now put about 1/8 to cup of butter into

0:19 the skillet cut your onions into small

0:21 pieces now cut up your zucchini into

0:25 medium slices place the cut-up zucchini

0:28 slices into your pan add both onion and

0:31 garlic to the skillet and let cook until

0:34 the zucchini is golden brown now remove

0:37 your skillet from the heat and serve and

0:39 that is how to cook zucchini